KTM-Series grinding and welding tables are ready to operate (Plug-n-Play). These are downdraft and backdraft tables which are designed specifically for fume and dust extraction.


  • KTM-series workbenches are ready-to operate (Plug-n-Play) with integrated Filters, fan-motor, spark separator,silencer and control panel.
  • KTM-series workbenches are equipped with Dust Class: M polyester non-woven cartridge Filters (acc. to DIN EN 60335-2-69 standard).
  • As optional, PTFE membrane Polyester filters are recommended for high alloy steels with high Chrome and Nickel contents.
  • Power Supply 400V, 3P N PE ~ 50Hz (Standard). (other power supply configurations available upon request )
  • As standard, high efficient, backward curved, and directly coupled fans made of aluminum, are statically and dynamically balanced (G2,5).
  • Semi-automatic jet-pulse filter cleaning is activated by operator during normal operation conditions when filter cleaning is needed.
  • Easy to access to dust drawers.
  • Integrated pressured air regulator (0-10 bar). Min. pressured air supply should be higher than 6 bar.
  • Standard units are designed for Indoor use only.
  • As Optional for sensitive work piece surface qualities, KTM-series can be equipped with wooden bars for top surface.

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